Anti-Muslim government formed in India with making Prime minister Narendra Modi its leader, it is obvious that passing the Citizenship Amendment Bill was only a start to eliminate the Muslim community from India.

It is not a surprising act by the BJP government, they have already done this act of genocide in Kashmir and it is still in Lock down. After passing the CAB in their Lok-Sabah anyone who was protesting against this petty act was either beaten, arrested or murdered. Many families are now living in fear as the corrupt people in the establishment are taking advantage of this situation.

Anti- Muslim Propaganda

It is clear that any type of people can live together regardless of the basis of the religion if there is a sense of humanity among the people, Indians may not want the Muslims to be gone but the establishment surely do not want any Muslim in their country and this is what CAB represents.

As the Quaid said:” Those Muslims who are opposing Pakistan will spend the rest of their lives to prove their loyalty to India”.


Troops of terror

  The government has deployed its troops in the capital New Delhi. Internet is shut down in some areas. Moreover, gathering of up to 4 people has been restricted and people are living in a state of curfew.

It is still surprising to see that there is still humanity left in Indian, the Sikh community and the Hindus have sworn to protect their fellow Indian Muslims. They all are forming long human chains for their Muslim fellows to pray and also giving them the basic protection from the government and taking part in the protests.


Hindu extremists believes

India is soon marching towards to be a Hindu Nation because at this point nothing is standing in its way but some people are still protesting against the CAB not the establishment. The government is implementing that they are going to eliminate all Indian Muslims from their country and make India a Hindu state as they see the second majority which is Muslims as a threat to their society. If the Anti-Muslim Hindu extremists do not get over their believes India might face some serious issues.



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