Corona virus fatality rate: Rising in various countries:


Coronavirus is the highlight of 2020 so far. Starting from Wuhan (China), it now recognizes as a pandemic. The disease is causing a lot of panic among people. The government is left with no choice to go on lockdown.
Several countries are on lockdown. When they announce the lockdown, according to the observation fear and panic buying were among people.
The death rate was increasing widely especially in China and now Italy and Iran. Death rate depends upon the age group, your immune system, and overall general health.

What is the fatality rate?

As seen in the graph below, The fatality rate of the says that people who are 50+ are at the highest risk of dying.  Elderly people who have a low immune system. When prone to coronavirus have less chance to survive then that of younger people.

However, the death rate from Covid-19 is 0.5% to 1% believed by the UK government scientific advisers and 4% globally in WHO figures.

Since the death rate is lowest around 0.5% then how are so many people dying especially in China and Italy? How is the death rate increasing?

The widespread of this disease is the result of interaction with other people. People are advised to keep distance and in quarantine for the sake of controlling this pandemic.

According to the analysis of more than 44,000 cases in China, deaths were at least common 5 times among the cases with high blood pressure, diabetes or heart and breathing problems.

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Stats of Death rate in different countries:

According to BBC and research by Imperial College. Some countries have better access to test kits and overall coronavirus detection while some countries have different capacities and rules.

Whereas, most of the cases are treated as a mild symptom of fever or cold and not treated as a symptom of coronavirus. If the healthcare system is full-blown out with patients And ICU’s they can’t treat everyone who needs ventilation, therefore the death rate would go up.



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