As you have seen the competition, battles, and trends from best to bizarre. Starting from IGTV to Youtube competition, to trends like In my feelings challenge & mannequin challenge leading to the most intense competition that is “Most subscribed channel of YouTube” happened between a Swiss gamer and an Indian entertainment channel.

Here is a quick glance at two of the channels before we get down the battle everyone discussed around the world.


30-year-old Swedish gamers who now resides in Brighton, England. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is famously known as PEWDIEPIE which in the second half of 2013, earned under 1.3 billion video views. His channel consists of gaming videos “Let’s play”, vlogs and comedy. He explained the meaning of the channel name where PEW means the sound of lasers and DIE refers to death. 

Currently having 102 Million subscribers he was best of the best channel there is having awards like:

  • Swedish Social Star”
  • Shorty award of gamer 2015
  • Teen Choice Award for Choice Gamer in his arsenal. 



T-series is an Indian record label and film production company founded by Gulshan Kumar in 1983. It’s famous for the Bollywood music genre Indie-pop music. It is the largest record label after Sony and Zee music. They joined Youtube in 2006 and majorly active in 2010. Just like Pewdiepie, it gained 1 billion views in 2013.

It posted some renowned songs with the most popular song being “Dilbar”.  On average, T-Series earns approximately one million subscribers every ten days. With the current subscriber, the count is 123Million.


Pewdiepie vs T-series: Let the battle begin:

 In 2017, the battle of the most subscribed channel took over the world by storm between the Swiss gamer and the record label. It was the most talked battle that created history on youtube. 22 December 2013 Pewdiepie became the most subscribed channel. 

Moreover, he mostly played horror video games but started to expand his taste, which helps in his growth. In 2014 alone, Kjellberg’s account combined nearly 14 million new subscribers and over 4.1 billion video views; both figures were higher than any other user to exist. According to Social Blade, on 29 December 2014, Kjellberg’s channel cumulative over 7 billion views, to become the most-viewed channel on the website.

One is the most subscribed channel and the other being the most viewed channel. T –series has taken over Pewdiepie in numerous amount of times. The competition level to get to 100M views arises that people held marches, made support videos, billboards saying, “Subscribe to Pewdiepie”. The activism extended too far where the hacking of websites, cellphones, social media accounts, vandalism, creation of malware and spamming have taken place in order to tell people to subscribe. 

Going this far on 28 April, Pewdiepie released a video calling for his followers to end their efforts to keep him as the most subscribed channel, and with the major lead now held by T-Series. So, the first channel to reach 100M was T- series.pewdiepie



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