Asteroid that will pass by the Earth in April 2020


According to NASA, An Asteroid is expected to pass by the earth on April 29 at 1:56 am. Planetary Scientist named James O’Donoghue says that there is no need to worry because it won’t gonna hit us. It is because the distance between the earth and this cosmic body will be good enough to safely pass.

This news might be gossiping around you a lot. At the same time, some of you are in dilemma about :

What really the Asteroids are?

They are something like rocky stone, body or objects that revolves around the sun. These are the leftovers or remainings of our solar system. They are mainly present between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars. In enormous and giant size, they are in large numbers. The moving speed is 19,461 miles per hour. The first one was discovered in 1998.

What would be the distance between the Earth and the Asteroid that will pass on April 29?

It is reported by NASA that the expected distance would be between 1.1 and 2.5 miles. The distance 3,908,791 miles is fair enough that we can easily relax about it because it is sixteen times farther as compared to the distance of the moon.

What if the Asteroid collides with the earth?

There is no reason that it will hit our planet even though NASA has reported that there will be a change in the global effects if hit in the future somehow. It is known as the potentially hazardous object because it passes by the earth but the impacts would not be worse that is why NASA has not included it in the list of Potential Future Earth Impacts.

Why people are worried about it?

Firstly many things are happening in the world like coronavirus pandemic that has disturbed the peace of mind. Because of this, they are really concerned about their life now.

Secondly, the body that will be going to pass is one of the largest asteroids but they should know that that the distance is enough that it will not collide.

Many misconceptions are revolving regarding this event. Help your friends and family by sharing this to give them a little peace of mind.



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