The start of this decade is not ideal and definitely not what any of us had in mind. Third world war started trending heading straight into January. Followed by Australian fires, the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and now Covid-19.

In light of recent events or cases, the WHO has regarded this disease as a pandemic. In fact, this has gotten worse and worse as it is spreading wildly and people are isolating themselves while simultaneously taking necessary precautions.

Furthermore, in some countries the panic setting in make people store stuff especially toilet paper has gone missing. Alongside this hassle when you are quarantining that it is basically your daily routine minus the work or school hours. This can lead up to boredom and less productivity more procrastinating.

What to do in Quarantine?

Therefore, what can you do when just staying at home? Where public places are banned, no going outside or interaction, here are a couple of ideas that’ll pass your time in quarantine.

1. Netflix and chill :

So first thing first, the best option to spend time is Netflix and chill. Catch up with the Grammy-winning award shows and movies. People tend to binge-watch to spend their weekends now you have a lot more days to finish up all the seasons and start new ones.


2. Board games:

Yeah I know, it’s not 90’s anymore and mobile phones exist but board games are so fun to play with your siblings while constantly nagging and chattering. Board games like Ludo, snakes, and ladders, chess, monopoly, carom board or cards like ono can be very much fun.

3. Makeover:

If you are a fan of makeup and hairstyle then it is time for you to upgrade that wing liner to wing eye shadow. Highlight to perfection that it looks blinding and contour like an expert. Decorate your face like an artist.

4. Hobbies:

The quarantine can be a pretty lonesome place. To make sure you stay busy, this is the time for your hobbies. Paint, read books, keep a journal or diary and write about your day. If you love music and poetry, you might also want to compose it. Reach into your creative space and passionate bubble and do what you love.

5. Learn a new language:

You got all the time yourself and it’s cool to be bilingual or learn a new language in general. The coronavirus is spreading faster and we have no idea how long we are quarantining so, why not use this time as effectively as we can.

6. Social media:

A parasite we can’t live without (pun intended). You can spend as much time as you want now because they are no stopping now. However, use it smartly, keep up with the latest news about Covid-19, learn the safety measures, and socialize as well. Call those who you have been neglecting because of your busy schedules. Have a conference call among your group and go on a marathon of YouTube videos.


7. Plan your next getaway:

Since we are confined to our houses, the least we can do is plan a trip. Therefore, when the hassle is over we don’t waste time scheduling the trip.


8. Gaming :

It feels like every day is Sunday. Gear up and play your favorite games on Xbox or play station. Online games like ‘Fortnite’ & ‘Pubg’ provide you to communicate with other players. The prospect of talking with new players is so interesting it is a great time killer.

9. Master Chef:

Cooking, in general, makes many people happy. It’s time to put your culinary skills to the test and try out different recipes. If you are a beginner, starting with basics can help you pass out time and eventually get better at it.

The following were the ideas of the time killer in the days of quarantine. This is scary as Italy’s worst-hit region announces stricter measures. The world is almost on a lockdown. We can play our part by taking precautions and self-distancing ourselves by preventing it from spreading.


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