8 Best MCAT Books to Buy & (2 books not to buy)


Every year millions of people apply for MCAT, but only a small number of students become able to pass it. Are you one of those who are going to give the MCAT exam this year? If yes, then what can you do to win from most of the students and pass it?  To make your goal easier to achieve one of the first few things that you need to work on is finding the best MCAT books and prep course. According to experts and professionals— your chance of passing the exam increases to 50 percent if you become able to find best prep course. In addition to that, you will need the right amount of dedication, practice, and learning.

Being a medical student I know how much it is important for you to ace it. That’s why, after spending weeks researching the whole internet and interviewing a hundred students, we are here to introduce you to the best MCAT books. Even expert tutors, teachers, and doctors also recommend all these MCAT prep courses and books. Besides, we have also mentioned the bad books that you should definitely avoid. To get the best for you, stay tuned till the end!

Top 8 MCAT Prep Books to Buy

Your future depends on this test. We know that for most of you, it is NOW or NEVER. No matter how much costly and a good book you are getting, if you don’t study and practice it, then it’s a waste.

One more thing to consider while selecting the books is that different books will be for different students, and you need to find the one that works best for you. So, try to read about all the books in detail for a better investment.

1: MCAT complete 7-book subject review 2019-2020

Editors Choice

Publisher: Kaplan

Number of pages: 3288

Kindle: No

Practice Questions: 3 Practice Tests

Unique Features: Most Comprehensive and covers all concepts from the core

This content in this book is well-rounded. No matter what you want, you will get everything from this Kaplan MCAT that a student may need. Despite that, you are a retaker or fresher it gives a thorough, comprehensive, and in-depth understanding of difficult concepts. It deserves to get the first spot in the list of best MCAT books out there, and you will be ultimately agreed with me after knowing a little more about it.

Firstly, it is richly packed with MCAT concepts and explanations. It also comes along with practice tests and test strategies. They aim to make you ace your exam through their book that’s why they have not left any single topic and explained it in a way that you understand the topics thoroughly. But again! It is not a magical book that will make you score high without any preparation and learning. This book has the best content to pass it, but the rest of the hard work depends on you.

Secondly, this pack of seven– subject book covers and mentions all the concepts that are most likely to appear in the exam. You’ll also get Practice problems along with it. These seven subjects include General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Behavior Sciences, Physics, and Math, Reasoning skills, and Critical Analysis. Each of them has around 30 questions to dive the concepts into your mind. Quizzes, at the end of every book, make yourself sure that you captured the information profoundly and thoroughly. It is also filled with tables, images, and diagrams that are best for visual learning. This book becomes extremely easy to follow when the questions are answered with reasoning. The 24-page Quicksheet booklet is best for the last minute as well, and you can also practice from them while your preparation.

Lastly, online practice tests of this book do wonders. It does not only give you strong concepts but also boosts confidence for the exam that is extremely important as well.

The drawback might be only for those who want quick learning in the last 2, 3 months before the exam. If you have enough time for preparation, then it is the best MCAT prep course for you.


  • Comprehensive
  • In-depth concepts
  • Book Outlet
  • Online Content
  • Practice Problems
  • Quizzes


  • Misspelling
  • Little Expensive

2: The Princeton Review MCAT subject review

Runners Up

Publisher: Princeton Review

Number of pages: 2864

Kindle: No

Practice Questions: 3

Unique Features: Best for both beginners and retakers

Princeton has a great name in the industry of education for their books. Experts and seniors recommend all of their books, but do their MCAT book is good as well? This question comes in mind of every new student who is planning to take the MCAT. Let’s get deep into this, and you will find your answer.

A student wants a book that is easy to learn, easy to understand, should have great flow and writing style, as well as concise and accurate content. This book has all these things. It provides a deep understanding of critical and harsh concepts and presents a way that even a noob can understand them.

Moreover, their concepts do not make you wander around different topics but rather allows you to stick to a single one first to get its base, fundamentals, and core of it. This is extremely important, especially for a challenging and conceptual test like MCAT. However, if you think that it might have fluff, then you are misunderstood here. It only tells what you need to learn to attack MCAT. Indeed, it is thorough, but at the same time, it is concise and has no extra details. That means if you are a retaker, you can go for it.

This book is like a gift for retakers, as it has glossary as well. You can find your needed concept through the glossary and master them. Written in an amazing style, there are tricky questions at the end of the chapters that prepares you for the test. They also tell you how to take the test effectively with proven strategies.

Students get confused between the Kaplan MCAT and Princeton Review MCAT book because they are the same and the best of this industry. The difference between them is that Princeton is more concise and has a better flow of writing. But, we recommend Kaplan for the beginners, and it guides from the core and has more practice tests than Princeton. Now it is up to you to decide which one is the best MCAT book for you.


  • Great style
  • Glossary
  • Thorough and concise
  • Best for retakers


  • Small number of practice tests

3: MCAT Prep Book 2020-2021 Secret Study Guide

Beginner Friendly

Publisher: Mometrix Media LLC

Number of pages: 563

Kindle: NO

Practice Questions: YES

Unique Feature:  Video Tutorials

This book has a whole separate section for practice questions. These practice questions are a great way to remind you of the concepts that you studied before. In this way, if you feel that you lack some of the concepts or are not able to remind them, you can learn it later. It does not only make your concepts stronger but also boosts your confidence to a new level. Also, each topic comes with in-depth explanations of concepts.

Secondly, It does not have many pages because all the crucial concepts are condensed into it in a very great manner. If any of you needs some book for revision, then it can be your great companion. They also save a lot of time of yours by explaining the point directly.

Moreover, for visual learning, they have lots of pictures and diagrams to back up any information that you might have missed. Moreover, this book also comes with a free DVD that has step by step tutorial. So, whenever you are not remembering something, you may go there and earn. It is literally a key to pass the exams


  • Explanatory
  • Pictures to back it up
  • Free DVD of step by step tutorial
  • Tips and strategies


  • Lack of color approach

4: MCAT Prep Book 2020-2021

Best for Retakers

Publisher: Test Prep Books

Number of pages: 303 pages

Kindle: No

Practice Questions: YES

Unique Feature: It is the most concise book.

Its little 300 pages force us to think whether this book will help or not. But, it will definitely help as this book focuses only on those topics that are most likely to appear on the exam. The beginners can also use it for revision or when their exam is nearer as it is very concise and won’t take much time. This book also provides a great recap of all the concepts studied in college.

The publisher and writer have summarized it accurately. They didn’t cut any detail and provides all the important information. Moreover, before starting any section, they mentioned fundamentals and basic concepts to brush up the things that you might have forgotten. Each subject also has practice questions that will drill all the concepts in your mind.

Lastly, this book is very easy to understand and learn. They also explain how to study for the exam and approach questions. The solution key is also present at the end, where they also give reasons for choosing the specific answer.


  • Practice Questions
  • Condensed
  • Broken down into section
  • No fluff


  • Do not have small details.

5: 9th Edition Examcracker MCAT

Best revised Material

Publisher: Osote Publishing

Number of pages:

Kindle: no

Practice Questions:

Unique Feature: Covers all concepts

The publisher of this book updates it in a new and better way every year so that students can give most of them in their new exam. Their updated and well-written passages are filled with accurate and new content. Each concept is comprehensive and provides a deep understanding of every topic. Through their writing style, they make sure that the student is not getting confused or bored. In this way, it helps the students to study for a longer time. Every chapter consists of three well-written passages to give the most accurate and informational content.

The 20 freestanding practice questions try to make you memorize different concepts as much as they can. To ace in the exams, they have mentioned strategies to navigate the format.


  • 20 Freestanding practice questions


  • Does not have full-length practice tests
  • Lots of words and spelling mistakes

6: Sterling Test Prep MCAT General Chemistry

Publisher: Sterling Test Prep, 9th Edition

Number of pages: 586

Kindle: No

Practice Questions: 1200

Unique Feature: Written in the simplest way for easy understanding

Most of the students were looking for the Best MCAT books for each subject individually, and Sterling Test Prep is providing them with those. General Chemistry takes the 3rd portion of your marks in the test because of the chemical and biological structure, and foundations of living things. That is why you can’t compromise here. It provides great practice and revision of every topic you studied in your high school or college. When you go through this, you will see how many topics you have been missing and forgetting. Through their explanatory process, you will even learn how to solve the specific problem. Also, their accurate and simple style of learning makes it easier to understand

They also have graphics. If you are weak in calculations, you can even practice and get help through the graphics. This book also has the same MCAT type of confusing questions with alike choices of answers so that you can practice better. Moreover, these questions enforce the fundamentals and broad-spectrum of concepts on your mind.

Lastly, this book has organized content. Content is separated into chapters that will help you to find and learn about a specific topic. It also covers all topics that are included in the SAT chemistry exam. This book that does not have any fluff and focus entirely on the important topic is a key to pass any exam.


Full of practice question

Content of individual subject


They don’t have online practice exams.

7: Sterling Test Prep MCAT Physics

Publisher: Sterling Test Prep

Number of pages: 407

Kindle: No

Practice Questions: 860

Unique Feature: 4 Diagnostic tests

Students who wanted to excel in physics found this as the best MCAT physics book. The students who don’t have proper physics preparation, this book is the best choice for them. They have every fundamental and essential topic that is included in the MCAT syllabus. The diagnostic tests are just amazing. In the first part of this book, you will know the basics and fundamentals and increase your focus. The second part will make you monitor your progress. The third part will drill the concepts in your mind.

Physics problems are usually challenging for most of the students. This book will teach you from the core that how to solve a specific problem. After that, practicing these problems will increase your accuracy and help you to score way more. All the topics mentioned in this book are covered by AAMC. You won’t forget anything after learning from this book


  • Content is covered by AAMC
  • Easy to understand
  • Individual Physics book


  • Not recommended for beginners

8: Sterling Test Prep MCAT Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

Publisher: Sterling Test Prep

Number of pages: 454

Kindle: No

Practice Questions: 720 high yield

Unique Feature: MCAT strategies

If you are looking for the best MCAT biochemistry book individually, then no choice can be better than this. These drilled practice questions have been key to the success of most of the students. With each practice question, you will be forced to think and solve, and it will make your concepts and memory stronger.

With great explanations and thorough daily examples, they drill the concepts in mind. Also, while reading this book, it will remind you of the topics that you might have missed.


  • Practice Questions
  • Concise


  • Little costly

Top 2 MCAT Books to Avoid

We have mentioned the best books in the market, but as if that’s not enough here we are also mentioning the books that you should avoid. Let’s take a look at them.

1: MCAT Workout – 2nd edition

People had the worst experience with this book. Whole content is filled with grammatical mistakes that it becomes impossible to understand what is written in it. Moreover, most of the topics have misleading and wrong information that can directly make you fail. It is best to avoid this book. It is just a waste of money, so you should never buy this book

2: Kaplan MCAT 528 – 2nd Edition

This book is just horrible. It has nothing original that a book should have. They have copied everything from the other books. All the content is a copy of AAMC. As long as the online content is concerned, they give you online access to a copy of the KAPLAN exam. You should never look at it.

Final Words

The best MCAT prep books are mentioned and explained above. These are not only popular in the online market, but the students, retakers, and doctors also recommend them. Moreover, our team has spent weeks on this to find the best MCAT book. These are best on their own with different features. When you decide to buy a book, make sure that it is best for you.

However, keep in mind that no book can make you write even a word if you don’t learn and prepare from it. Indeed Hard Work Pays off.


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